Will Bruno have courage to tackle the real issue at ULM?

 ULM President Nick Bruno deserves praise for taking the bull by the head and temporarily suspending the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at ULM after it was revealed that some of its pledges made offensive statements about Blacks in their private text messages. Bruno’s first steps are temporary, as they should be, but they should not be permanent unless his investigation into the messages were authorized or encouraged by the Fraternity itself.

   While the text messages are distasteful, hurtful and definitely reflect bad judgment on behalf of the students involved; the entire fraternity should not be held accountable unless the actions were encouraged or required for members or pledges.

    There is a free speech issue involved. It’s the same free speech issue that Black Football players evoke when they take a knee in a football game. Since there is no law that prevents them from taking a knee the government cannot impose a penalty on them for doing so, although socially they may


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