Woman arrested: She told the officer her name was Candy……it was not!

Louisiana State Police arrested a West Monroe woman on yesterday after she gave them a fake name. Chelsie R. Evans was charged with resisting an officer and for other warrants held by Monroe Police.

A state trooper, on July 19, observed a black Jetta traveling east on Smith Street without a visible license plate. The trooper initiated a traffic stop and spoke to the driver and then spoke to the passenger who stated her name was Candy Craft born in 1988. The trooper checked his computer and it revealed a Candy Craft, but not by the birthdate that the woman gave him. The woman could not remember her social security number either. The trooper then asked the driver and he stated that her name was Chelsie Evans. The trooper checked the computer and it revealed that the woman was indeed Chelsie Evans. He advised her of her rights per Miranda, at which time she stated she understood.

She said she lied due to having local warrants. Evans was transported to OCC without incident.

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