Wright publishes sequel to Panther Burn historic novel

iUniverse Publishers announced Monday the publication of the second historical fiction by local author, Roosevelt Wright, Jr., entitled “Trail of the Panther.”
Wright, of Monroe, La., published The Children of Panther Burn in 2009, a historic fiction centered around a family of slave descendants in Panther Burn, Mississippi that survived sixty-years of obstacles to reach the pinnacles of success.

“The Trail of the Panther” is an 830-page epic that begins in Dahomey, West Africa, known as the land of the Panther People and traces the family’s journey through 200 years and six generations ending with the election of President Barack Obama in 2008.

Unlike most historic fiction novels, both of Wright’s novels contain endnotes and links to historical background information to help readers learn more about many of the real characters and events which formed the basis of the powerful story of the women of the Panther.

“Many people saw the movie ‘The Black Panther’ and saw a scene in which a dozen women warriors guarded two men as they fought to be king. In reality, the King of Dahomey, West Africa had an army of 6,000 women warriors who were beautiful, sexy, and deadly; all six-thousand of them were his wives,” said Wright, explaining what happens when one of those wives comes to America and ends up a slave on the 15,000 acre of Panther Burn plantation just outside of Greenville, Ms.

The Trail of the Panther is the powerful story of one Ahosi warrior and five generations of her descendants who rose to the pinnacles of power in the United States including involvement in the backstory of the election of President Barack Obama.


In Dahomey, West Africa—home of the Panther People—powerful warriors battle each other for slaves to offer the gods in sacrifice or sell to slave traders. In the aftermath of a brutal tribal war, little Ehizokie is orphaned.

After a mother panther raises her along with her cubs, fate decides Ehizokie’s future as she transforms into an Ahosi warrior—a group of special guards that are all women and all wives of the king. More than anything else, Ehizokie wants to please the king of her African nation.

As she matures and is eventually brought to America on a slave ship, Ehizokie soon reveals to everyone around her, including her slave friend, Izogie, that she is a terror to anyone who threatens her life, the king, or those under her protection.

A mysterious myth follows her across the ocean: any man who mates with her or her descendants will die before the child is born. It causes a problem for several generations of men, slave, slave master and Detroit businessmen.

After she finally lands at a Mississippi plantation and begins a new chapter, Ehizokie births five generations of descendants, one of whom is Cora Mae Jones. As Cora rises from the depths of poverty in Panther Burn, Mississippi, she creates a future no one could have ever imagined and becomes a major backer of a young Presidential hopeful from Illinois, Barack Obama.

In 2009 the Monroe City School System purchased classroom copies of  “The Children of Panther Burn” for each of its high school libraries as well as Carroll Jr. High School.

The book will be available on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles Books Store by Christmas and can be ordered from iUniverse. A kindle e-Book version will also be available next week.

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