You have fun even with rules

By: Cadence Wright

Last week I wrote about Halloween costumes. This week I want to give you rules for Halloween weekend. I know many of you may be tired of reading about Halloween but for kids Halloween is a big event. We like candy and we like dressing up! My dad says fun can still be fun with rules.

If you’re going to Trick Or Treat, go with someone you know to be safe. Crazy people love to take advantage of kids on Holidays like this one. Some kids wander off by themselves and could possibly be kidnapped. It’s good to walk the neighborhood with someone and make sure your cellphone is charged in case you need to call for help.

Once you get all your candy and you get back home don’t rush to eat it. Check your candy to make sure it’s safe to eat. Parents should know the ‘Poprocks’ are dangerous. My mom saw on the news where people have been mixing drugs in that candy that eats away at your face. A little boy on Facebook ate some of the candy but it had been mixed with drugs. It ate his lips up and tore his face up. I think it is very hateful to do that to any kid.

Do not wear all black. You could get hit by a car. Some kids want to be Ninjas but it might not be a good outfit to wear if you’re going Trick Or Treating at night. Kids should wear a light costume. Not only could you be hit by a car but you can easily get lost or snatched by evil people.

In our neighborhood we wait every year for the neighborhood haunted house. It is very big and thousands of people come to see theis haunted house. A family turns their whole house into a haunted house every year and they even include different people from around the neighborhood. I have seen big tough people come out of there almost crying! They have graves in their backyard, clowns, and a man who scares people with a chainsaw. I was so scared I think I kicked someone in the head by accident.

Kids can have fun but we must stay safe and abide by rules. Its for our own best interest.