A Black person made it

By Cadence Wright

Throughout history, Black people have not gotten the credit we deserve. We have created some pretty amazing things but our brilliance and excellence has always been stolen from us.

I think it’s about time the truth is told. The only way we will know what we can do in this world is to honor and tell the truth about what we have already done.

It is getting closer to Summer time. That means it is getting hotter and hotter every day.

Adults want cool air but kids just want to get wet up with water! Waterparks can be expensive but there are other ways for kids to cool off.

Mr. Lonnie Johnson made something incredible! He invented the world’s biggest water gun. He named it, “Super Soaker”. I think he made it because he was tired of refilling his little gun with water.

I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to keep going to the sink to add water in it either. So, Mr. Johnson made a bigger gun that holds more water.

Usually when we go to the movies we see the regular movies. My dad says they are Standard Digital Movies. Don’t ask me what that means but I think it means it’s regular.

Whenever they come out with 3D movies I always ask to see that version because 3D is always better to me. I think 3D movies are better because when you put on the glasses the world looks different. Everything looks closer to your eyes. Some of the biggest movies use 3D Graphics. So, we should all thank Marc Hannah for creating the 3D Graphic Technology that is used in many movies today. Thanks to Mr. Hannah it looks like the objects are coming right towards our face!

Firefighters have dangerous jobs. They have to go into blazing fires to save people. The fires produce a lot of smoke. So, they have to use a gas mask when they go into fires to rescue people. The very first gas mask was made by Garrett Morgan in 1914. His gas mask helped to save 32 men trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Erie. Then, Morgan’s gas mask was later used by the US Army in World War II.

There are many products that we use on a daily basis that wouldn’t even be here without the help of Black people.

From the light bulb, the traffic sign, and even down to hair perms, we have been inventing stuff for many years.

In order to invent something the first thing you have to do is have a patent from the government.

My dad made me google what it means.

It means you are approved as the first person to come up with something. If I could invent something I would invent a wristband that tells you when your jump-shot is not lined up perfectly with the goal.

When you shoot the basketball my wristband will add extra force to make sure the ball go in the goal when you shoot it.

There are a lot of bad shooters on my basketball team at school who could use my invention right away.