A glimmer of hope for the future

By: Evelyn T. Body


Just returned home from a phenomenal Combined Musical held at Little Flower of Jesus Catholic Church, Monroe, Louisiana. The theme: “One Voice For Christ” was most befitting the occasion.

When the holy spirit follows God’s directions human beings who allow themselves to be open and accept the will of God can’t help but praise Jesus, God’s son!!!

I’d like to say thank you to all the Ministers of Music for all their hard work and dedication to make this musical the success it was.

It is my understanding that this event resulted from a vision placed on Mrs. Dorothy G Wofford.

Thank you Mrs. Wofford for bringing this idea to all the Ministers of Music of each of the churches represented in this musical and for seeing your vision to its fruition.
When leaders of our nation, and the world for that matter, seem to be focused on dividing mankind by focusing on our differences, events such as these led by different religious denominations coming together as one are definitely what’s needed to put a stop to the plans of evil men.

I see this effort as a beacon of hope for the future.