Confessing my bad habits

By: Cadence Wright

We all have done something wrong. I mess up a lot when I’m in class. When I have a test I get nervous I will fail it. My family tells me take your time and do your best. Sometimes I do good and sometimes it’s bad.

Last Friday I lost my report card and I got scared. On the report card I had 3As, 1B and 2Cs. My mom didn’t believe me until she checked on line. I was nervous. Then she said “you’re not in trouble.” She said “we have been asking for that report card for 2 weeks now.” Then she said, “When you don’t show me your report card I think you are lying.”

Lying is one of my parents’ pet peeves. They hate that. They say the more you lie the less they trust you. If you start lying now you will lie the rest of your life. You might be in a situation with the cops. If you lie just know you are going to the big house. Don’t lie to anybody.

Sometimes I don’t do my homework. I just go home and say I have no homework. Then I would just play Fortnite when I should be studying. Now that the report card came home I have started doing my homework first. Now my grades are better.

I’m not perfect. I make mistakes too but I can fix that and some other things. I still can play games but have to do my homework first. On the weekend there is no homework. So, I get to play all the Fortnite I want.