A message to the young voters from Brenda Roy

Dear Editor,

While out campaigning, asking folks to PLEASE vote, I’m told by many ‘young’ people, “I don’t vote”. This is sooooo disturbing. Please read this entire message from me to the young people who don’t vote. Rispone said that he would ‘put a freeze on Medicaid enrollment.’ So, women who become pregnant during this ‘freeze’ will NOT have Medicaid to pay their hospital bill, doctor’s delivery charges, anesthesiologist, and the baby will NOT be covered, so there will be nursery cost and pediatrician fees, and not to mention the cost if the baby needs to see a specialist. The baby’s immunizations will NOT be covered by Medicaid. Now, this is where the fun part comes in.

The fathers of these children are already complaining about having to pay child support, but without Medicaid, rest assured, the court will ADD INSURANCE, MEDICAL FEES/BILLS, AND MEDICINE to the child support payments, or require the father to add insurance for the child (ren) on the job’s policy. This will, in turn, increase the deduction from the father’s paycheck, (less money on your check). In most cases, there is a 20% co-pay/out of pocket cost for medical care even with insurance,
AND if Trump cuts the food stamps, and housing, the same message applies, resulting in AN INCREASE IN CHILD SUPPORT!!!
So, young folk, you can sit back and grin, and be proud in saying ‘I DON’T VOTE’, but be ready for the backlash, and don’t complain when your child support payment and lack of medical care hits you and your family.


Early voting continues through Saturday, November 9th, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. at the Health Unit Building on DeSiard Street. Election day is Saturday, November 16th.