Wossman, Neville praised as “A” city schools, many others struggling

The State Department of Education released school letter grades this week, showing both Neville and Wossman High Schools as shining stars for the District, both schools are received “A” letter grades from the state.

However, ten of the districts 19 schools received grades that reflect student academic performances of less than “basic.”

Last year, Wossman was rated as a “B” school with an overall score of 78.3. However, this year the school had an overall score of 92.7. The 14 point improvement tagged Wossman as one of the most improved schools in the state.

Four components make up high school letter grades: Academics, ACT Scores, Graduation Rates, and Strength of Diploma.

Academically, Wossman students scored an “F” and its ACT Score was “D” scores. It’s Graduation rate and strength of diploma grades were A. Wossman was praised by the state as one of the Top Gains schools for the state. The school jumped 14 points in one year. Last year Wossman received an Academic “D” for its state assessment performance

Additionally, Wossman was cited as an “equity honor roll” school. That means that the school serves economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities and does not have persistent problems with student behavior.

Eric Davis was principal of Wossman until this school year when he transferred to Carroll High School after reportedly being offered a $20,000 bonus to help Carroll’s program.

Neville students scored a “C” academically and received a “B” for ACT scores. It also scored “A” in its graduation rate and  “A” for its strength of diploma. It was listed among the state’s top growth schools. It grew by two points since last year.

Christina Dawson is the principal of Neville High School.

Four City schools received B letter grades, the same as last year: J.S. Clark Magnet (86.3), Lexington Elementary (81), Sallie Humble Elementary (81). Robert E. Lee Jr. High (78).

Two schools were saluted as “C” schools. Carroll High School (69.9) and Cypress Point (63.4). Both schools slipped from last year’s numerical score of  71.2 for Carroll and 64.5 for Cypress Point.

Seven City Schools received “D” grades this year; there were six last year. Minnie Ruffin Elementary (59.8), Shelling Elementary (59.1), Carver Elementary (57.6), Barkdull Faulk Elementary (56.8), Clara Hall Elementary (55.7) Thomas Jefferson (55.7), Martin Luther King Jr. High (52.5). Shelling Elementary improved 11 points in one year and was rated F last year. Ironically, the superintendent fired Vicki Williams the principal who oversaw the improvement.

Three city schools received “D” grades: Berg Jones Elementary (48.5), Carroll Jr. High (43.4), Madison Foster Elementary (41.8). Last year Berg Jones received a D grade but fell to an F grade this year.