Aliens, Horses, Pancakes, and Goggles

By: Cadence Wright

School is almost out and Summer is right around the corner. This is my last year in the 6th grade. Wait… this is actually my last year as an elementary student! You know it. I am turned up already! Next year I will be in Junior High. I know it’s going to be harder so I think it’s only fair that I have all the fun I can get this Summer!

Most of our family lives in Dallas and in North Louisiana. Living in New Orleans, my brother and I don’t get to see our Nana as much as we’d like to. “Nana” is my mom’s mother. That’s what we call her. She always know how to make us laugh and have a good time. So, as soon as school gets out every year we spend one month in Dallas with Nana and the other month in Monroe with Paw Paw and Granny. This has been our routine since we were babies.

When we get to Dallas, the first thing we do is beat up Uncle Marques. I usually jump on his back while my brother takes him down by the legs. Uncle Marques is so cool. He is the youth minister at his church. So, while we are in Dallas we get to participate in all the youth events at his church and they do a lot of stuff. Uncle Marques takes us to play basketball in the church’s gym. Nana takes us swimming every day and she buys us new goggles every year. She plays the blues on her phone while we swim. I don’t know all the songs but I remember one of the songs was about a man having a private party. He said nobody could get in but members only. That’s crazy. If they are going to pay I’d let them in.

Usually, when we get to Dallas in the Summer it’s during the NBA Playoffs. Lucky for me because my family is full of Lebron fans and they don’t miss a game. We watch every game with Uncle Mack, Tee Tee Sue, and Tee Tee Maganda. They get to cooking wings in the kitchen and making sweet tea. Before you know it, it’s like a big party! Sometimes, Uncle “Kil” takes us to his horse ranch. He is a Black Cowboy and he has big horses. I never get on them though because there is always poo all over the ground and I’m not about to get poo on my new Lebron shoes.

The best thing about my Summer in Dallas is that my birthday is in June. I’m always out there during my birthday. So, My Nana gives me a big pool party with all my cousins and friends in Texas. My mom and dad sends my gifts through Fed Ex. It’s usually in a big box because they try to fool me but that big box is never full. It’s ok because as soon as we leave Dallas we go to Monroe and I just get more gifts there!

When we get to Monroe, it’s really another non-stop party! We already know Uncle Kita is going to take us to the movies and buy us new video games from Game Stop. We go visit Mrs. Melanie and Tee Tee a lot so we can play over there. It’s always fun at their house. That’s where all the kids like to hang out. My Granny let’s us help her cook and every morning she makes big fluffy, buttery pancakes. IHOP don’t have nothing on my Granny’s pancakes! They have this huge TV in their den. I promise. It’s bigger than the screen at the movies. So, we get to play our Xbox on that big screen and it is amazing! Paw Paw works a lot but he knows how to make the best popcorn in the world and he always watches cartoons and superhero movies with us. Plus, he always gives us money!

Every Summer Paw Paw and Granny takes us on the Boy Scout trip. They make us do work all year and pay for our trip because my Paw Paw always says, “Ain’t no free ride!” This Summer, we are going to a place in New Mexico that is close to the Nevada Desert. I’m told we may get a chance to see Area 51 from far away. That’s where they keep the aliens. I have never seen an alien in real life. I don’t even know if it’s true but it would be cool if we saw one. They said Area 51 is in a desert where it’s hot and no water. So, I’m bringing a backpack full of cold water bottles so I can sell them to people. I may as well make me some money while I’m there!

Usually, we get two weeks to prepare for school when we get back home to New Orleans. I will be in a new school next year. I will finally get to wear a new uniform. I will get my own locker too. I will also get to try out for more after school organizations that we didn’t have in elementary. Junior High is going to be fun but it won’t be more fun than seeing horses, aliens, big fluffy pancakes, and swimming with my new goggles this Summer!