Auto insurers to return more than $187m in premium to Louisiana drivers through rebates, reductions

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon acknowledges the auto insurers in Louisiana and across the country for providing premium reductions and rebates to policyholders during the ongoing crisis brought on by COVID-19. Because most drivers are following the stay at home order, there are less miles being traveled which has resulted in fewer accidents. As a result of this dynamic, many auto insurers are now sharing their savings with consumers.

“I applaud our auto insurers on supporting their policyholders and our economy with these programs,” said Commissioner Donelon. “Here in Louisiana, the economic impact of these rebate programs is greater than $187 million in payments returned to the pockets of consumers at a time when it is sorely needed. The list includes 13 of the top 20 auto insurers doing business in Louisiana and it is my hope that the other seven auto insurers will follow suit in this time of crisis for their policyholders brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”