Back to school 2020-2021

By Rusty Potter

We are excited to have our students learning again with their teachers. Returning to school in the fall of 2020 will pose new challenges for our schools, social distancing, face covering, hand washing, and disinfecting surfaces are now apart of the new normal. Temperatures will be taken as students arrive at school. The challenge is to learn to function in the new normal. It can be a tough transition going from the freedom of summer to the structure of a full-time student. We all know going to school every day is worth it. A good education will give our children a foundation for the rest of their lives. Marian Wright Edelman (President of the Children’s Defense Fund) said, “ Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and the world better than you found it.”

The choices we make today will determine not only where we will end up tomorrow but where we’ll be years down the road. Every day is a new opportunity for you to make an investment in your mind. I wake up early every morning believing that today I will be smarter than I was yesterday. The only limitations you have when you wake up in the morning is you. You are the creator of your own reality. To be successful, you must believe in yourself even when no one else will.

This new school year will bring great challenges. Managing COVID-19 creates constantly changing rules for our school leaders and teachers. They are working diligently to adjust to rules and regulations that may change weekly. We have the ability to overcome these challenges with strength, determination, adaptability, and faith in God. We were born with the potential and the ability to succeed in this school year.