Big names surface in Carroll-Wossman Jamboree

Thousands packed into the Thomas-Blade Stadium at Carroll High School Friday, August 25th, to watch the home team take a surprise and dramatic beating from cross town rivals 12-7.

Most of the night it appeared that Wossman would not be successful in their pre-game opener, until the last few seconds of the game had fans standing on their feet, shouting and waving their hands as they watched Devonte Brown sweep for a six yard touchdown for the Wossman win.

Pre-season Jamborees give coaches a chance to test out their teams before the season begins. It also tests the coaches as well. Everyone gets to see what the other guy has, but most importantly each team sizes up its own players.

Friday night, the big names rose to the top at the Carroll-Wossman Jamboree:

BIG NAME: Coach Dean Smith of Wossman who’s coaching brought his team from behind to win. It didn’t appear that way at first, especially when the Wildcats seemed to give Carroll the victory with two minutes to play in the game. That’s when coaches earn their name. Smith turned Wossman around.

BIG NAME: Wossman quarterback Nick Tayler. Proved he has a strong arm and could lead a team under pressure of losing, against the odds.

BIG NAME: Rayland Coleman. The Junior Defensive tackle for Wossman proved that he could do what every defensive player dreams of and that is to pick off a pass and return it for a touchdown. Coleman did that when he picked off a Carroll pass and ran it for a 17-yard touchdown.

BIG NAME: Derrick Logwood.  This Outside linebacker proved he has the right stuff when he intercepted a Wossman pass attempt and returned it for a touch down to tie the game 6-6.

BIG NAME: Stephan Maxwell. Friday night Maxwell had a reception party against Caroll. Among his receptions were three in which he scored ten or more yards. He was hard to tackle and most importantly, he held on to the ball and kept moving forward.

BIG NAME: Michael Cameron: From the huddle to playing field the senior strong safety proved to be an effective defensive player who demonstrated leadership and gamesmanship.  Stops and tackles that resulted in losses were the order of the night for Cameron which kept up the chins of players even though there was a loss.

BIG NAME: Fantoryian Pendleton of Carroll proved to be a force to reckon with in Friday night’s game against Wossman. He had power, speed, and agility that made his name a name watch in the games to come.

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Enjoy these photos from Friday’s Jamboree from award winning photojournalist Kita K. Wright.