License plate stop reveals gun, drugs; driver jailed

Everyone has done it at one time or another, but when Herdurius Scott forgot to lower his license plate over the gas sprout on his car, he was spotted by police, and it landed him in jail on six unrelated charges.

Police report that Thursday evening Scott, of 315 Holly Street, was observed by Officer J. Lee driving a blue Chevy Caprice in the area of Egan Street with no visible license tags. When he was stopped by police Scott exited the vehicle and casually flipped down the license plate he left up after recently pumping gas.

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That was simple, but things became complicated when he was asked to produce his driver’s license and did not have one on him. Officer Lee checked and discovered that his license had been suspended.

It got worse.

Scott was arrested, but answering Officer Lee’s question said he had a pistol between the driver and passenger seat. The officer retrieved a black Hi-point 9mm weapon with one round in the chamber and three in the magazine.

It got even worse.

Office Lee checked further and discovered that Scott had a protective order against him and was prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Things really went South when Officer Lee located two black digital scales and several small plastic bags inside a black bag in the trunk of the car.

Lee reported that the items are usually associated with narcotics possession. When asked what he used the scales and bags for, Scott said he did not know what he used them for.

He was booked for violating a protective order, possession of drug equipment, resisting an officer, no driver’s license, and drug possession.