Black Baptist delegates amused at attempt to hide Pence

University hides picture of Pence in effort to recruit Black Baptist students

As thousands of Black Baptist convened for the annual Congress of Christian Education in Baltimore, Md., a special booth caught the attention of convention delegates.

A booth set up by Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. sought to introduce blacks to the Conservative college, publicly noted for its unwavering support of President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence.

The booth featured graphic photos of the university and prominent graduates of the university, including basketball legend Steph Curry and Vice-President Pence.

Soon after the convention opened the booth’s operators realized a prominent photo of Pence might not be acceptable to Blacks, so a magazine rack was moved in front of Pence’s face to disassociate Liberty University from Pence as it attempted to recruit black students.

One representative told those who questioned the covered Pence picture that the university rarely talks about politics on campus, but focuses on teaching about Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately one of its most prominent graduates focuses attention on social and political issues rather than its Bible based education.