Black legislators working to push new laws for change

Area Black representatives in the Louisiana Senate and House are busy trying to push through bills to change laws.

  What bills have our area Black officials submitted? What success are they having getting them passed?

  Working in conjunction with the Legislative Black Caucus our local representatives have supported packages of bills covering a range of subjects from criminal justice to education.

This year, legislators were limited to five substantive bills and a handful of token resolutions, commendations and study requests.

  The following is a summary of the bills submitted by the area’s three Blacks in the State Legislature:

Senator Katrina Jackson

State Senator Katrina Jackson (D-34) has 14 bills before the legislature, Nine are for studies or commendations. The five remaining bills are:

  SB128 -This change in the law provides teachers with an uninterrupted 45 minute…


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