Black women work very hard

By: Cadence Wright

Last week I wrote about hard working men. This week it’s about women who work hard. I think a lot of women work just as hard or harder than most men. They have it harder than men because there are some who might be mothers. A lot of women get paid less than men because they are women and not always treated fair in America.

My Nana is a mother who has 3 kids and works two jobs. In the Summertime she gets off work a 12am. She is tough and she can make good food. My Nana is a school Dietician in the daytime but at night she cares for Autistic women and men. She supervises the people, cooks for them, and takes them shopping.

My Granny is the first lady of Tabernacle Baptist Church. She is a volunteer leader for the Time Travelers. She went to Southern University and was a great swimmer. She is great at interior decorating. My Granny works with a lot of youth but she always finds time to do fun stuff with my brother and I.

My momma used to work two jobs when we first moved to New Orleans. She used to work at Capital One but now she is a real estate agent. She has to take care of me and my brother. She helps me do my homework when she could be doing her own work. She washes clothes and even folds them for us. She helps my dad with his projects and hardly ever gets time for herself.

These are many hard working Black women. They do all these things and still look pretty. They are good mothers who take care of their kids and work full time jobs too. They all have different but good things about them. They deserve equal pay and a lot of more respect than we give them.