Bring back Black TV shows from the 90’s

By: Cadence Wright

Black TV Shows used to be more family friendly. Today, the Black TV Shows and Movies are mostly for adults. People are always talking about Empire and Power but my dad said we couldn’t watch those shows. He says they cuss too much, they are violent, and they are always promoting drugs. So, my brother and I had to find shows that we could watch.

One day my mom was watching old Black TV Shows on the Firestick. I passed through the room and before I knew it I was laughing. Surprisingly, a lot of these shows are really interesting.

I have watched The Cosby Show every day for the past two weeks. Now it is one of my favorite shows and I think other kids should watch it. Bill Cosby is my favorite actor on the show. He is a great example of a strong Black father. He always finds a way to solve any problems his kids may have. He reminds me of me. I try to sneak and eat candy. He tries to sneak and eat salty foods.

We both always get in trouble!

Another 90’s show I like is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. What got my attention is the name of the show. My family actually lives in Belair in New Orleans! Will Smith has to move from the projects to a rich neighborhood. He always reminds people to be who they are. He never let their money change him. I think his uncle did right to step in as a father figure because he didn’t have one.

The show proves you don’t have to be a kid’s father to be a father in his life.

This weekend, all the youth in my church are going to see Black Panther. I have been waiting on this movie to come out all year. Black Panther has a message just like the 90’s Black TV Shows had in them.

Black Panther is Marvel’s first Black Super Hero. I am used to seeing white super heroes but now I will get to see a super hero movie with our culture. I am very motivated by Black culture. One thing I like is that in Black Panther there will be a Black King and a Black Queen and they rule an all-Black Kingdom. It kind of reminds me of President Obama and Mrs. Michelle.

Even though there are adult shows there should be more shows on television for the whole family like there were in the 90’s. Many shows in the 90’s had a message. Every time I watch one of those shows I learn something. Every show has an actor that reminds me of someone in my family.

My Paw Paw reminds me of Dr. Huxtable. My Granny reminds me of Mrs. Claire. My brother is geeky like Carlton on Fresh Prince. My mom likes different hairstyles like Denise on The Cosby Show. My dad is a lot like Will on the Fresh Prince. My older brother Kaleb would be Cockroach from the Cosby Show and you guessed it.

I would probably be Theo from the Cosby Show because we have a lot in common. I hate cleaning my room and I don’t like doing homework. However, I do like cars and I do like money… just like Theo!