Cellphones are awesome!

By Cadence Wright


Cellphones can do a lot of amazing things! People mainly use their phones to do work but I love to use my phone to play games. You can call people on your phone and text people, too. There is hardly anything you can’t do with a cellphone.

You can call people from anywhere you are. My mom and Dad call me when I get home from school. I know not to call them when they are in a meeting. When I call people it is mostly to let my mom and dad know when I’m hungry. For some reason, it seems the older I get the more hungry I am. When I get hungry I have to tell my mom so she can get my food quickly; my cell helps me to let them know.

Cellphones can even take pictures like a real camera! If you go on a trip, you can take a picture of something you like. I have taken pictures of buildings, toys, and artifacts. Pictures can tell a lot about your family, too. Last Summer, my Paw Paw took me and my brother to Hawaii and I took a lot of pictures with my phone.

Texting is something you do in a place where you can not call people. I text my dad when he is working or in a meeting. Sometimes, I think texting people is better than calling because it is more quiet. That’s actually what texting was made for. You can still talk to people without interrupting what they are doing.

The best thing about my phone is that I can play games on it. Some of my favorite games are NBA Live, Madden Mobile, and Minecraft. I play games most of the time. My Paw Paw says I play too much but I don’t think so. My brother likes to play Fornite, Minecraft, and Racing games on his phone. We even have a game where we can play laser tag with each other with our phones.

Even though we can play games, text, and take pictures, the best thing about a cellphone is simply being able to call people. My favorite people to call are my Granny and my Nana. Sometimes, it’s just good to know what they are doing!