Chadwick Boseman might be the new Denzel

By: Cadence Wright

For years, Denzel Washington has been the most respected Black actor. He has paved the way for many Blacks in the movie world. He helped Derek Luke, Kimberly Elise, and he also helped my favorite actor, Chadwick Boseman. I found out Mr. Denzel Washington even paid for Chadwick Boseman to go to college at Oxford. I think it helped Chadwick out a lot because he got a good education and it prepared him for the movie world.

Chadwick Boseman is very good in playing roles that teach history. He played Thurgood Marshall in the movie, Marshall. Thurgood was the first Black person to be added to the US Supreme Court. In the movie, Chadwick had to wear suits. He carried a briefcase and he also had to learn how to talk like lawyers do in court. I have never met Mr. Marshall because he died before I was born. Chadwick made it easy for me to understand how important Mr. Thurgood Marshall was.

One of the first movies I saw Chadwick in was the movie ‘42’. I didn’t know what the number meant until I actually saw the movie. It was about Jackie Robinson. 42 was the number he wore. Mr. Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play Major League Baseball. Chadwick had to act just like Mr. Robinson. He had to act like he wasn’t offended when they said a Black man couldn’t play “White Baseball”. He had to act mad when White people yelled racist things at him during the game. He had to act happy when his wife had a baby. Most importantly, he had to learn how to play baseball good just to play the role.

My daddy says when he was a kid my Paw Paw made them listen to James Brown every day. Every morning when they got up for school Paw Paw would play James Brown loud to wake them up.

My daddy let me hear James Brown. It just sounds like old people’s music to me. I learned a lot about James Brown though when Chadwick Boseman played him in the movie, Get On Up. I could really tell Chadwick was acting in this movie because he talked different. I couldn’t understand hardly anything he was saying. It was very country and loud.

My daddy said that’s exactly what James Brown sounded like. Plus, I couldn’t understand why Chadwick wore his hair like that. It looked like a woman’s hairstyle. My daddy says James Brown wore his hair like that too. So, I guess Chadwick did a good job in that movie.

My favorite role my Chadwick was in the movie, Black Panther. He played the starring role. It is the first Black movie to earn $1B in it’s first month. Chadwick had to learn to speak with an African accent. He had to learn how to fight like an African warrior and dress like an African King. After seeing this movie, it made me want to learn more about African culture and visit the continent one day.

My granny says Denzel Washington is her real husband. She says my Paw Paw is just her “Baby Daddy”. My Nana, that’s my mom’s mother, was so in love with Denzel Washington that she even named my uncle Denzel. I can’t believe people be doing stuff like naming their kids after people they don’t even know. I need to have a talk with my mama to see if she had a crush on Chadwick when she had me. My name starts with a C and so does Chadwick.

I’m thinking my mama tried to name me Chadwick but my daddy must’ve stopped her. Thank you Jesus he stopped her. I like him as an actor but I don’t want his name!