Chauncey McCoy introduces VIBES-Kids Camp June 24th – 27th

Hello Monroe Louisiana,

I am Chauncey McCoy, owner of VIBES Mind, Body, and Spirit! I am overwhelmingly thrilled to invite your child to become a VIBES-KID in the state of Louisiana! First, I want to explain why dance and fitness is so important to me, how it has shaped my high school, college and adult life, and share a little bit of my history!

Dance and fitness has always been my passion! It taught me discipline, gave me confidence, built my endurance, taught me how to be a teammate, held me accountable for having high standards, showed me the power of positivity, gave me opportunities to serve my community, and provided countless opportunities that I may not have been afforded otherwise. It is one of the sole reasons I have the most valuable and memorable experiences. I became a leader, developed a strong work ethic, and so many more skills that have shaped who I am today! I truly believe that dance and fitness is so much more than what meets the eye, and I want to personally use my gifts to impact the lives of the people around me!

A little history:

Regal Eagles Drill Team – Robert E. Lee Jr High, Monroe, LA
1st Lt. Bengal Belles – Neville High School, Monroe, LA
Twin City Ballet Company, Monroe, LA
Linda Lavender School of Dance, Monroe, LA
Universal Dance Association Camp/Competitor
American All-Star Company Camp/Competitor
American All-Star Staff Member
Gold and Bluez Dancer, Southern University – Baton Rouge
Dancing Doll, Southern University – Baton Rouge
NBA D-League Dancer for Texas Legends Dancers – Dallas, TX
NBA Dancer for the New Orleans Pelicans

I have spent much of my life in dance studios and gyms, and ultimately, I want to share the knowledge that I have gained with young aspiring dancers and children in an effort to impact their lives. I wish to provide experiences that will influence the rest of their lives, without the financial expectations that aren’t feasible for many families.

Summer camps are so vital to successful youth development. It maintains and cultivates growth in the areas of social communication, independence, self-esteem, physical activity, healthy living, nurturing friendships and gives children a sense of purpose. It is important to keep kids intellectually engaged during the summer, encourage healthy habits, and provide an avenue to a healthy and prosperous year! I look forward to your child becoming a VIBES-KID!