Come see a show where I transform into nine different people in fifty-two minutes

This Saturday night, Monroyans will be in for a treat as I go back on stage in costume performing my “One Man Show”. The Eta Delta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is hosting the event “Zero in July” at Dr. Dan Holt’s Chiropractic Day Resort building on Lamy Lane from 9PM-2AM. At the 10 o’clock hour, I will go on stage for my show.

What is the “One Man Show”? A few years ago, I was inspired by the performances of Terisa Griffin in Chicago. She’d perform concerts at the DuSable Museum and one of her signature shows was her “One Woman Show.” During her show she performed a salute to the Divas of Rhythm and Blues. She sang a song or two in a costume or dress and wig that was similar to the singer of which she was paying tribute. Behind her was a projected screened image of the singer. After she completed that particular singer, she’d go backstage and with the help of her crew, she’d transform into the next singer. She’d do Whitney Houston, Phyllis Hyman, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Gladys Knight and a number of other celebrity singers. So after I saw a few of her shows, I was inspired to do a similar show for legendary male singers. With Griffin’s guidance and inspiration, I created the “One Man Show.”

I’ve only performed my show three times. Once at Grambling State University and twice at the Southern Girls Saloon in the Monroe Regional Airport. Each time, there was much excitement from the audience as they saw me don wigs and exciting wardrobe, with instant changes into the next feature, non-stop for 50 minutes. In my show I saluted 9 individuals. Between each song, I have 2 minutes to get to the changing room, put on the next outfit, and get back to the stage for the next song. It’s very challenging and demanding as I can’t stop once the soundtrack begins.
Rob Lloyd, radio personality for Mix 101.9, the “Soul of the City” as I refer to him, recorded the audio presentation for me. His sound is classic and fitting for such an occasion. As I change into the next outfit, Lloyd gives a brief history of the individual of which I feature next. Then I come back on stage to start the song. There’s a lot of history wrapped into the presentation as the singers of whom I make a tribute to are legendary in African-American sound.

At Saturday night’s show, the audience will be treated to the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, Billie Ocean, B. B. King, James Brown, Michael Jackson and two singers who will get a special tribute as they are men of Alpha Phi Alpha…Jerry “Ice Man” Butler and Donny Hathaway.

I will not be performing comedy or an impersonation. The audience will get my vocal talent with just a hint of the performer’s wardrobe and look. It’s a 52 minute production that I have worked hard to produce and perfect. Once the music begins, I dance, sing, and give a great performance that will be memorable to all who witness it. One of the songs during the show will be my most recent recording of Billy Ocean’s “Suddenly”. The instrumental was recorded at Music City Studios in West Monroe with Ahmad Smith on the piano and Dan Sumner on guitar. Ocean was not in my original show, but after hearing Sumner and Smith’s blend, I had to include it.

As a historian, I am honored to be able to share the success stories of the African-American greats of whom I pay tribute to and am forever grateful to have the guidance and blessing of Terisa Griffin, whom is my favorite recording artist, for this show. I don’t have a split personality, but if you want to see me put on a show and become 9 different people, come out Saturday and be entertained by my singing, dancing, fancy wigs, and fabulous costumes. Come out and see my “One Man Show”.