It’s time for an upgrade

By: Rusty Potter

It is time for you to upgrade your skills. Everything you see in the world was first an idea. One of the greatest investment you can make is the investment in your mind. Spend time developing your skills and talents. The pennies you put in your head, will produce thousands of dollars in your pockets.

Be eager and ready to learn new skills, never belittle your ability to learn. It is important to have a thirst and a hunger for knowledge. While others are sleeping, you are busy learning something important. Formal education will make you a living, but self education will make you a fortune.

The key is to start developing your own library at home. Learn from winners, learn from people who have achieved the same goals. Education has the power to make dreams possible and elevate you out of poverty. Booker T. Washington used education to elevate himself and to help others to live a better life. If you are not giving your best at whatever you are doing, you are cheating somebody and that somebody is you.