Criminal Activity November 30-December 3, 2017

Two men get caught breaking into store

Daniel Alston

On Friday, December 1, 2017, according to the official report, a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy was dispatched to 149 G.B. Cooley Rd. (Samz Discount Tobacco) in reference to a zone three motion and back door alarm. Upon arrival, deputies observed two black males, later identified as: Reginald Capers and Daniel Alston, dressed in all black standing in the front window of the store. The deputy then noticed Capers and Alston run towards the back of the store. Deputies moved to the rear of the store, at which time both black males fled out the rear exit door on foot.
After a short foot pursuit Alston tripped, which caused him to fall on the ground. One of the deputies then tried to place handcuffs on Alston, but he refused to give him his hands. After a brief struggle with Alston, the deputies were able to place him in handcuffs. The other deputy advised Alston of his rights, per Miranda, and secured his testimony. Alston stated he and Capers forced the northeast door to the store open with a crowbar. He said he and Capers then walked inside the store, at which time they stole multiple packs of cigarettes. Alston stated that he and Capers then exited the store. He said after approximately three minutes, he and Capers entered the store once again. Alston stated he walked to the front of the store and Capers forced his way into the main office to look for money. He said at this time OPSO deputies arrived on the scene, at which time he and Capers fled the scene on foot. A short time later Capers contacted the Monroe Police to report his sister’s vehicle to be stolen from Parkview Apartments. Once Monroe PD arrived on the scene, Capers told officers his name and they noticed he matched the description of the suspect OPSO deputies were looking for. A deputy arrived on scene and advised Capers of his rights per Miranda, and secured his testimony. Capers stated he does not know anything. The deputy placed Capers under arrest and transported him to OCC.

Man has CDS in the presence of minors

Francis B. Broussard

On Sunday, December 3, 2017, according to the official report, at 0146 hours, a West Monroe Police detective went to a residence to assist an officer, who was at the residence with multiple people including two juveniles. Upon arrival contact was made with the officer inside the residence along with three other officials. The officer advised that the individuals at the residence ranged from 15 to 17 years of age and most of them were intoxicated. The officer had a white male, who was identified as Francis Broussard, in handcuffs. The officer advised that he and another official placed everyone in handcuffs for officer safety until other officers could arrive. The officer advised the detective that he advised every one of their Miranda Rights. The officer informed the detective while he was conducting a pat down on Broussard he felt a small bottle in his pocket. The officer asked Broussard what was in his pocket and Broussard advised that it was a small bottle containing suspected marijuana. The officer asked if he could get the bottle and Broussard advised that he could.
The officer also located in Broussard’s pants pocket $1,955.00 in U.S. Currency. The detective then made contact with Broussard and asked if the suspected marijuana belonged to him and he advised that it did. The detective asked Broussard if the money was his and he advised that it was. The detective asked Broussard about the money, and he advised that it was from the sale of drugs. Broussard advised the detective he doesn’t like to ask his mother for money so he started selling marijuana a few months prior. Broussard advised the detective that he purchased five ounces from an unknown black male a few months prior for $1,000.00. The detective asked Broussard for consent to search his phone and he advised that the detective could. The detective observed text messages on Broussard’s phone asking if he had any “bud”.

Man strangles woman; she almost blacks out

Jordan A. Eager

On Thursday, November 30, 2017 at approximately 0924, according to the official report, a West Monroe Police officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to a domestic battery complaint. The officer contacted the victim in a parking lot across the street from the residence. According to the victim, her boyfriend, Jordan Eager, attacked her while she was lying in bed. She claimed Eager used both of his hands to strangle her during the attack. The victim stated that she almost blacked out while Eager was strangling her. The victim was very upset and she believed Eager was trying to kill her. Eager was taken into custody. He admitted he and the victim were in an argument that morning. He stated that he did not remember strangling her. Eager was previously arrested for domestic batter involving strangulation in which the victim was the victim. An NCIC search revealed Eager had an active protection order preventing him from having any contact with the victim.

Man almost gets away with a citation

Thomas J. Goodin

On Thursday, November 30, according to the official report, a Louisiana State Police officer observed a white Ford Fusion traveling eastbound in the right lane on I-20 at milepost 115. The officer observed the vehicle’s front and rear right tires completely cross the solid white fog line two times. The officer activated his blue emergency lights initiating a traffic stop. The officer made contact with the driver who identified himself as Malchia Douzart. The driver stated that he crossed the fog line because he was fatigued from driving. He stated that he was coming from California to Monroe, LA and that he only possessed an I.D. and did not have a driver’s license. The officer issued a citation to the driver for no DL and he signed the citation “Malchia Douzart” continuing to act as if he was Douzart. After observing some indications of criminal activity the officer presented the driver with a Consent to Search Form which he refused. A OPSO deputy was contacted and deployed his K-9 who gave a positive alert on the vehicle. Two additional officials assisted the officer in searching the vehicle. While searching the vehicle approximately 34 ounces of PCP and 393 grams of meth were found concealed in the trunk. $1,494 of U.S. Currency was located in the driver’s wallet. The driver was later identified as Thomas Goodin and it was confirmed by OPSO that he had a warrant through them for possession with intent to distribute meth ($1 million) and conspiracy to distribute ($5000). Goodin was handcuffed, searched, and advised of his rights and transported to Troop F for questioning then to OCC where he was booked and released to deputies.

Man has poss of CDS II with intent to distribute

Jamarkus D. Holland

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, according to the official report, at approximately 1750 hours, the West Monroe Police Department received a complaint of drug activity occurring at a residence near Crosley and North 6th Street. It was later determined that the residence was on North 6th Street, West Monroe, Louisiana. A officer knocked on the door and was greeted by Larry Reed. The officer could smell the odor of fresh marijuana emitting from inside the residence as Reed opened the door. Reed stepped away from the door in what the officer believed was an attempt to walk away from the officer. The officer entered the residence and secured Reed. Jarmarkus Holland came into the kitchen and the officer contacted him.
Holland stated that the officer could make sure no one else was in the residence. The officer conducted a walk through and saw suspected marijuana (approximately one ounce) and a plate with white powder cocaine on it in plain view in the living room. The officer received consent to search and located seven suspected crack cocaine rocks in Holland’s room. The officer also located approximately $1, 062 in cash. A suspected crack cocaine rock was found in a room where Reed had personal property.

Man follows too close and gets busted

Jemarcus P. Joseph

On Friday, December 1, 2017, according to the official report, Louisiana State Police Troop F, was stationary monitoring traffic on LA 139 at Swartz Fairbanks Road, when a officer observed the subject’s vehicle traveling south on LA 139. As the vehicle passed their location, the officer observed it to have a cracked front windshield. As the officer began to follow the subject, the driver changed lanes behind another southbound vehicle on LA 139. The subject’s vehicle traveled approximately three miles behind the other vehicle at less than half a car length away. At this time, the officer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on LA 139 at Bayou Oaks Drive. The vehicle pulled into the Chevron Gas Station and came to a stop. The officer made contact with the driver (lone occupant) later identified as, Jemarcus Joseph and the officer detected an extremely strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The officer also observed a half empty glass bottle labeled “Seagram’s Escape” in the center console cup holder.
The officer asked Joseph for his driver’s license, which he could not produce. Joseph handed the officer his Louisiana Identification card and stated “that’s all I got”. While speaking to Joseph, the officer observed a clear plastic bag containing suspected ecstasy pills in the driver’s door. The officer asked Joseph did he have any marijuana inside the vehicle and he stated, “I’m not gonna lie. There is prolly an ounce in there or more.” The officer placed Joseph under arrest and read him his rights per Miranda which he stated he understood. The officer placed Joseph in his unit and secured the marijuana and ecstasy for evidence. The officer transported Joseph to the Ouachita Correctional Center and booked him on the charges. After a search of Joseph’s vehicle there were numerous plastic sandwich baggies and a set of black digital scales located on the passenger’s seat. There were .38 dosage units of ecstasy and 168.5 grams of marijuana.

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