Dupré Logistics launches new driver bonus structure

Lafayette, Louisiana – In an effort to demonstrate their appreciation for drivers’ tenure and commitment to their customers, Dupré Logistics has implemented a new incentive plan for drivers in its Energy Distribution Services division. This newly created incentive plan will pay out approximately $1 million in bonus compensation to all drivers for the first eligible period.

“We wanted our drivers to know that they are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to maintaining the “Ideal Place to Work” for them,” said Tony Becnel, Director of Operations Energy Distribution Services at Dupré Logistics. “Our goal is to continually recruit and retain the best drivers within the industry.”

This incentive plan is structured so that drivers are rewarded for their longevity with the company in combination with their performance. These checks are being distributed at Dupré sites across the country throughout the next several weeks at driver meetings.

“Many companies have bonus programs that are dispersed yearly and have a low percentage at paying out,” said Becnel.

He added that Dupré’s new bonus structure is unique to the industry in that it was designed to be awarded more frequently and to reward 99% of Dupré drivers with added compensation in addition to our current driver wage increases.

“In recent months it has become evident that recruiting and retaining the best drivers in the industry would require a different approach,” said Doug Roberie, Dupré Logistics Vice President.

“Traditionally, we have provided normal annual wage increases for our drivers, but in today’s market, it requires more. We wanted to put a check in our drivers’ hands to show our appreciation for their commitment to Dupré and our customers.”

For more information about Dupré Logistics, go to: www.duprelogistics.com.