Empower yourself

By Rusty Potter

There is no supercomputer on earth that can come close to the ability of your brain. Your brain is the most complex organ in the universe. Your brain is a gift to you from God. It enables you to imagine, create, and solve problems. Humans are the only creatures on earth able to analyze and prioritize to improve the world. It is our job to use what we have been given. We have within us everything we need to be successful.

Thomas Edison said, “I have better use for my brain than to poison it with alcohol, to put alcohol into the human brain is like putting sand in the bearings of an engine.” It is our job to use and take advantage of the supercomputer we have been given. Research says we have over 50,000 thoughts that go threw our brain in a day. The thoughts you have now will influence the person you are capable of becoming. You have the power to create your own conclusion for your life. We are only bound by the limits we place on our own minds. Your mind has the power to unlock infinite possibilities.