Enforcement of Governor’s mask mandate

Governor Edwards issued a statewide public mask mandate for people ages 8 and over, unless health issues exempt them.

Many are questioning the enforcement guidelines that will be taken regarding the mandate. This is a mandate, not a law. In announcing the mandate, Governor Edwards himself says it will not be enforceable by law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office will not be enforcing the mandate.
However, businesses are required to insist customers wear masks. If you enter a business and are told to wear a mask, compliance is expected. Business owners do have the right to require customers to wear masks and ask them to leave if they do not.

Should the customer refuse the business owners request and also refuse to leave when asked to leave for non-compliance, the customer could possibly face criminal charges of trespassing for refusing to leave the premises after being told to do so. If you are asked to leave, then do so to avoid this situation.

The requirement also applies to churches, however no enforcement action will be taken, according to Governor Edwards.