Fight escalating over alleged headstone removals at Richwood cemetery

Are tombstones at Richwood Memorial Gardens being removed for lack of installation payments? A well-known community personality says it’s true, but the owner of the cemetery says his business is being slandered by alleged misinformation being posted on social media.

Donterrio Anderson, a well-known personality and employee of McFarland Funeral Homes, posted photos and live videos on Facebook recently accusing the owner of Richwood Memorial Gardens, Keith MaGoo, of removing over 50 headstones from graves at Richwood because of non-payment for installation.

In his live Facebook post Anderson, standing next to Rev. Rodney McFarland, Sr., said McGoo is insensitive to the families that use Richwood for the final resting place of their loved ones.

Specifically, Anderson says Richwood has removed 52 headstones for non-payment of installation fees. He also said the cemetery has attempted to bury bodies on top of other bodies that had to be later moved. Anderson said McGoo does not contact families about their headstone removals or other problems.


MaGoo told the Free Press last week that Anderson…