Free Press releases 2020 Black Business Directory

The 2020 Black Business Directory has been released and is available to all Free Press readers who use the Monroe Free Press app.

Roosevelt Wright, Jr., publisher of the Monroe Free Press, announced Wednesday that the 2020 directory is an extensive link to Monroe’s Black business community that includes, links, phone numbers and social media contacts for those who desire to contact a black business person for goods or services.

Wright said the 2020 directory features 530 African-American owned businesses that operate in Monroe. The last business directory was printed in 1985, before the internet, Facebook or websites.

“The 2020 directory is a guide for those seeking to do business with an African-American professional,” Wright said.

“The guide will also remove the excuse of local governments who do not use black businesses because they claim they cannot find them,” said Wright.

Wright said there were 390 Black businesses in the 1985 directory, but the 2020 directory shows that there has been growth in the business community that includes more younger people and more women.

He said while the African-American business growth in our area may not be apparent at first glance, its because social media and technology are now making it possible for many to avoid traditional brick and mortar shops and stores.

There is no subscription required to access the directory. Neither is there a charge for business listings.

The Monroe Free Press app is available for both Iphone and Android phones. The app also includes links to present and past Free Press articles that reach back as far as 1969 with regular updates as hard copies of the publication are digitized.

“All a subscriber has to do is log in, type in a name or subject, and get a listing of all Free Press stories that contain that name or subject – on their phone, Ipad or computer,” Wright said.

While the business directory is free, the search service requires a $2 subscription, Wright said.