God always has a master plan for each of us Part 4

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons


Scripture: For I know the plans I have for you declared the Lord, and plans for your welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV).

My Friends,

It has been a blessing to me for you to “trek” with me on the trail of memories which took place as God fulfilled his plans for me to become a staff writer for the Monroe Free Press.

Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement. Along the way, we have laughed, cried, and shared suspenseful and historical moments.

In last week’s episode, you were given a promise of a miraculous occurrence which could be difficult to classify as wrong, right or both. You be the judge.

Daddy was arrested for obeying his white supervisor’s order to deliver alcohol to a hotel residence’s room. It was unlawful for liquor to be sold on Sundays.

He delivered it because he desperately needed the job due to having a wife who was still bedridden because of a difficult child birth, a new baby, Julia, another daughter, Dena and other responsibilities.

This servant lived in luxury with our grandfather (Papa) and step-grandmother two doors away in the home in which I was born and lived during that time frame and presently visible from highway I-20 on the right side as one approaches the exit which leads to the Monroe Civic Center.

Papa was often away because he was a brake-man for a railroad company.

Because Daddy was in jail, my mother did not have ample food for her, Dena and Julia. Now, the next phase of this message is debatable. Even though I was a kid, and didn’t live with them, I recognized my mother’s and sisters’ plight.

I had a classmate whose first name was Zona, who had been permitted by her parents, who lived in another town, to live temporarily with her aunt who was married to a man whose neighborhood folk referred to as doctor. He had a great clientele which lived mostly on the other side of town and his business boomed late at night until early mornings.

After the doctor’s clientele ceased and he had retired for the night, Zona raided his pockets for change which he had not bothered to put away.

She brought the money to school and shared it with my two cousins and me. A black owned store operated by Mr. Henry Jones and family was located a few houses from ours.

After school, I would take my share of the change and purchase oatmeal, cans of milk and other cheap edibles. I also prepared oatmeal for my mother to eat and Julia’s formula. However, there were times Dena ate at our grandparents home with me.

I remember my step-grandmother bringing one platter of cooked food to my mother’s home once during those challenging times.

Because we had to walk two doors away to get water from an outside faucet located at Papa’s rent house, the water standing awhile, due to no refrigeration, sometimes became green and filled with worms. Don’t forget to pray. See you next week, God willing.

Love, Jacquelyn Simmons
P.S. Always share Jesus Christ with everyone! Be sure and tune in to next week’s episode.