Criminal Activities August 14-20, 2017

Trio gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy

Matthew Beaution

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, according to a Metro Narcotic Unit agent, agents received a call from CI that Beaudion and two other individuals went to Houston, TX. The CI advised that they traveled there to pick up a large quantity of methamphetamine. MNU agents began an investigation which gave their exact location. When they entered Ouachita Parish they were stopped at a residence. One arrestee was driving the white Ford Explorer. Beaudion was the front seat passenger and the other arrestee was the back seat passenger. A K-9 alerted on the vehicle and approximately 25 ounces of methamphetamine was located in the dash of the vehicle. All persons in the vehicle were advised of their rights per Miranda. The arrestee advised that Beaudion asked him to drive him and the other arrestee to Houston, TX; the arrestee that was driving said that Beaudion told him that he would pay him $200 for driving. The arrestee that was driving and the back seat passenger advised they knew drugs were present in the vehicle, but was unaware about how much it was exactly. After that Beaudion gave consent to search his fifth wheel trailer at Pecanland Mobile Home Park. Inside the trailer the agents located scales, empty heat sealed bags containing methamphetamine residue and some marijuana. There was also some personal usage methamphetamine located in the residence, the arrestee admitted to and told agents where it was. The marijuana was found with three individual bags containing marijuana and scales in a zipped bag. Let it be known that two of the arrestee shared the same residence. All of the suspects were transported to OCC for booking.

Man steals victim’s vehicle only to crash it nearby

Robert L. Dossett

On Monday, August 14, 2017 according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, a deputy made contact with the witness who stated he observed the arrestee standing outside his motor vehicle at his residence. The witness stated while talking to Dossett, he got in the driver’s seat of his motor vehicle and placed it in reverse. He said Dossett crashed his motor vehicle in the wooded area across the roadway. The witness stated Dossett then exited the vehicle and began to walk down the roadway. Upon coming in contact with the arrestee a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and noticed his speech was slurred. Dossett was swaying and his eyes were red and watery. The deputy advised Dossett of his rights per Miranda, and administered SFST which he performed poorly on. Dossett was transported to OCC and submitted a proper breath sample of .213g% into the intoxilyzer 9000 after being advised of his rights relating to the chemical test. Dossett was booked in OCC on the charges.

Woman commits battery on a police officer during search

Ginny R. Gilmore

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017 according to a Louisiana State Police officer, a officer observed a silver Dodge Durango on LA 143 southbound with what appeared to be a smashed windshield and a motor vehicle inspection sticker that was partially peeling off. The officer stopped the vehicle at LA 143 and LA 616 at a convenience store. The driver exited and was extremely nervous and not wanting to stand still. The arrestee had no identification on her person and said she was sick and needed to go to the bathroom. She identified herself as Ginny R. Gilmore. Gilmore was constantly fidgeting, sweating, sitting on things and unable to produce proof of insurance. Gilmore was so nervous acting that when the officer went to issue her a citation for the unsafe vehicle conditions and expired driver’s license she had on file the officer asked her permission to search the vehicle for weapons. She consented and the officer checked her immediate area. The officer opened the center console and saw a tan plastic box that a pistol would fit into very easily. As the officer pulled it out, Gilmore shoved the officer and struck him on his right arm saying, “No! Don’t search that!” The officer attempted to gain control of Gilmore and she pulled away, she struck the officer in his arms and hands. The officer forced her to turn around and had to use his strength to handcuff her and secure her as she pulled away several times, but the officer was able to handcuff her. The officer advised her she was under arrest for resisting and recited her rights per Miranda twice to her. She refused to acknowledge them and stated the box contained “meth” and that she was “an addict”. The officer placed her under arrest and into his unit. In the box the officer found several unused syringes, several used syringes, and two syringes with a dark colored liquid in them (2.5ml each/ 5ml total). The officer located a small clear zip-lock bag that contained white crystal substance in it that weighed 5.89 grams. The officer located another small bag with one round pill with imprint “25” that appeared to be Seroquil XR (prescription drug not scheduled prescribed as an anti-psychotic). Gilmore had countless small zip-lock baggies, two spoons, ace bandage, and small plastic bags labeled as “Good med” and “Smell Good” clearly used to package and sale licit drugs along with a digital scale and tools used to separate the narcotics. I did field tests on the substances and residues in the spoons and it tested positive to be methamphetamines. Gilmore was booked into Ouachita Correction Center (OCC). I secured the evidence at Troop F per policy.

Man beats girlfriend because she refused to shower with him

John A. Harrison

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017 according to a Monroe Police officer, a officer was dispatched to a residence in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the victim who stated that her husband, John Harrison and herself had a verbal altercation after she refused to take a shower with him. The victim stated the verbal altercation escalated when the arrestee stood over her while she was laying in the bed threatening to strike her in the face with his fist. The arrestee slapped her in the face with the back of his right hand. The victim stated she attempted to leave the residence but the arrestee grabbed her and started shaking her back and forward, then threw her on the ground. The officer advised the arrestee of his Miranda Warnings, placed him under arrest and transported to OCC for booking; the officer observed a small swelling on the right side of the victim’s face. The officer further investigated that the victim has a protective order against the arrestee.

Man threatens to kill himself, girlfriend, and a friend

Jordan A. Eager

On Sunday, August 20, 2017 according to a West Monroe Police officer, officers were dispatched to a residence in reference to a domestic disturbance with a gun. Prior to the officers’ arrival they were advised the suspect pointed a gun at the victim and threatened to kill the victim. The victim left the scene and the suspect was in the house and made threats to kill himself. The suspect came out a short time later without incident and was advised of his Miranda Rights. The victim advised she was arguing with her boyfriend of one year. She advised her boyfriend held her on the bed with both hands, choking her until she was unable to breathe. She advised the suspect used the palm of his hand to push into her face and then grabbed a pistol. He pointed the pistol at her and her friend and made threats to kill them. The arrestee then pointed the pistol at himself and asked her if she wanted to watch. The victim advised the house was hers and she gave consent to search her house. A Ruger LC9 pistol was located on the bed and a NCIC check revealed the gun was stolen from Longview, Texas. At WMCC, the arrestee stated he was arguing with his girlfriend about getting a job. He stated he grabbed her, but did not mean to hurt her. The arrestee would not say how he hurt his girlfriend. The other victim came in the back door of the house and saw the arrestee on top of the victim. She saw the arrestee’s hand over her mouth trying to keep her quiet and a gun on his hip. She saw the arrestee hit the victim in the face, grab the gun and she ran out the back door. She stated she eventually got the victim out of the house. The officer booked the arrestee at OCC on the charges.

Man causes over $500 in damages to store property

Leslie J. Fulwiler

On Thursday, August 17, 2017 according to a West Monroe Police officer, a officer was dispatched to a business in reference to a white male damaging property. The witness stated she observed a white male, later identified as Leslie Fulwiler, kicking holes in the wall near the ice machine. The witness stated she observed Fulwiler pulling the air vent from the wall and she called police. Upon arrival the officer observed Fulwiler removing parts from his vehicle and throwing trash onto the ground. Fulwiler appeared to be impaired on some type of stimulant or other drug. The officer advised Fulwiler of his Miranda rights in which he stated he understood. I asked for consent to search Fulwiler’s vehicle which was granted. The officer located a small clear plastic bag filled with suspected cocaine in Fulwiler’s vehicle. Fulwiler showed to have an active warrant through the city of West Monroe. Photos were taken of the damage which was estimated to be over $500. Fulwiler admitted to be in the area of the damage, but denied making the damage.

Man violates protective order and damages property

Earl D. Day

On Saturday, August 19, 2017 according to a Ouachita Parish Sheriff deputy, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call from the victim stating the arrestee was at her residence beating on the window and broke the window attempting to get inside. A deputy observed the broken window and observed a fair amount of blood on the broken glass. While searching the area for the arrestee, the deputy observed a male subject matching the description, provided by the victim, at a nearby gas station. The deputy observed the subject get into the passenger seat of a vehicle and leave. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and identified the arrestee. The arrestee was advised of his rights per Miranda. Victim stated her two juvenile daughters (ages 11 and 13) were also at the residence, to which they observed the entire disturbance. The deputy advised the arrestee of his rights per Miranda to which he stated he understood and voluntarily waived. The arrestee admitted he and the victim had been in a verbal altercation but stated he did not touch her at anytime. The arrestee further stated, the victim struck him in the forehead with a flower pot during the disturbance, to which the deputy did not observe any marks on the arrestee. Soon thereafter, the arrestee was secured and handcuffs and transported to OCC where he was booked on the charges.


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