God always has a master plan for each of us Part 7

Scripture: “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV). My Friends, It certainly would be a great infraction before our God for me not to share with you the beginning of my knowledge of his awesome presence in my life. But first, this servant of his will share with you my first knowledge of being a living person. My first remembrance occurred when as a toddler, I watched my mother place a freshly baked cake on the kitchen counter. Afterwards, she removed excess flour from the outside and left it to cool. I decided not to wait to be served my portion, but put a revolving stool next to the counter to claim my piece of cake. And of course, it turned and I fell on the floor with a loud thud. “Daddy” hearing the thud and my screams, rushed, pick me up and hurried me to my grandparents home who were sitting on their porch. I will always believe that is how I became a resident of their household. My step-grandmother, a very stern domineering, childless person, probably used that incident to claim me as hers on the basis of my parents being young, inexperienced and not as careful with me as she could be. She insisted that I call her “mama” and would often grab, hug and kiss me while telling me that my parents gave me to her because I was ugly and kept “Dena” because she was pretty. But, she would always love me even if I were her ugly duckling. Eventually I actually believed she was my mother and would cry great denials if anyone tried to tell me differently. The only person who tried was a special needs cousin who enjoyed seeing me cry until his mother, my aunt, forced him to stop. Now, let us fast forward for a second. I believe that was one of the major reasons, among others, “Daddy” moved his entire family to Denver, Colorado a second time. He wanted his entire family to be together. Every time “Dena” came over to play with me, “Mama”, many times was not kind to her, but she never displayed her unkindness before “Papa”. He playfully adopted her whenever she came over and we could always hear them laughing all over the house. Every Sunday morning, “Mama” awakened everyone for devotion which consisted of singing a hymn, reading scriptures and prayers by her and “Papa”. Later, she brought coffee for her and “Papa” and a well prepared breakfast over which we said our biblical memory verses. Before partaking of each meal, we were taught to loudly recite a memory verse which is a means of thanking God for the food which many people all over the world, including America, would be happy to receive. Soon after breakfast, everyone went to a different church. I attended my mother’s church which was pastored by her father, Reverend Dr. William Warner Hill, who we called “Papa”, also. Every night, we had to kneel by our beds and loudly recite our prayers which consisted of “the Lord’s Prayer” during our older days and “Now I lay me down to sleep” while small children. God willing, see you on the trail next week. Don’t forget to pray! Love, Jacquelyn Simmons