Spending time with Jesus must take precedence over busywork

By: Lisa Wilmore


My Dear Friends,My Dear Friends,     

Let us thank God for this day and the many splendid things he has done for us.  Let us honor and praise him for his love toward us. Thank him for his word which is a “lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path”. I’ve discovered that the best place to be is in his word. Although there is a great demand for outreach ministries which lend hands to help others who are in need, spending time with Jesus must take precedence over these activities. In addition to the aforementioned statement, there is a wealth of needs and responsibilities in our churches as we commit to assembling ourselves together in order to offer praise and adoration to God for his grace and mercy. However, these responsibilities should not take precedence over hearing and learning the way set forth by our Savior, Jesus. The importance of studying and reading the word of God is essential in order to maintain a life of peace and joy.   Are you too busy doing things for Jesus that you are not spending time with him? If so, busy work as a priority will hinder us from developing a meaningful relationship with him.  We should never allow our hectic activities to take precedence over sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing his word. Luke, one of the Gospel writers, recorded an account of two women who were serving Jesus in their own way.  Martha and Mary welcomed Jesus and his disciples into their home in Bethany.  Martha was so busy taking care of household responsibilities until she never paused to entertain her guest.  Instead, she complained to Jesus about Mary’s choice to sit and listen to his words.  Consequently, Jesus told her that Mary chose the “good part”.  In essence, he was letting her know that “Mary had chosen the right thing and it would not be taken away from her” (Luke 10: 39-42).  Although Jesus was pleased with Mary’s choice, he did not discount Martha or even belittle her service.   Household chores, feeding the poor, helping the needy, preparing meals on special occasions at our churches, and many other services are necessary, but they should never take precedence over hearing the word of God. Martha’s choice was necessary, but not priority.     

 The gist of today’s message engaging, in busy work is not an excuse for not spending time with God.  Think about it; are you too busy to sit at his feet?  If so, reevaluate your activities and make the necessary changes.  God will be pleased!