God sent two crying babies as messengers

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Scripture: And Jesus said unto them…”Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars…Nations shall rise against nations…and there shall be famines and pestilences in diverse places. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and kill you…(Matthew 24)

My friends, last year, this servant of God shared with you his messages of warnings of impending doom for his sinful people. His warnings came through the cries of two babies which awakened me two successive mornings. One baby cried one morning and the second baby the following morning.

Due to my being asleep, their cries frightened me. Knowing that neither child was here in God’s house with me eliminated that possibility.

Passersby with children crying two successive mornings were not practical, so that idea was eliminated also. God’s answer to me after I timidly asked him for one was the first crying child was a representative of tears he was shedding due to the disobedience of his children.

The second child indicated the tears his children will shed as he punishes them.

This year, God awakened me with the cries of two babies who were crying loudly at the same time. Upon my inquiry, the answer was basically the same as last year’s , but their tears would be increased in intensity-his and the sinful world’s.

Among sins God abhors are: cruelty, persecutions of people who God’s enemies feel have no defense, teen murders and murderers, lack of discipline in homes, schools, churches, neighborhoods, influx of drugs, guns, alcohol in communities, unfair judicial and penal systems, unequal education systems, slums, huge gaps between the haves and the have nots with greater gaps being contrived for the future, lack of decent jobs and adequate jobs for people who actually want to work, lack of participation in certain affluent school activities due to exorbitant fees, which in many cases, deny participation by students who are more talented but cannot afford the fees. I have a heart broken relative who was denied participation in the school’s dance troop because she didn’t make a certain score on a standardized test even though she has an excellent sense of rhythm and dances very well which means a less talented student who passes the standardized test will be considered qualified to participate on the dance team.This writer sent money to purchase her uniform. What heart break!

To continue the list of affronts: Protection of elders, from predators inside their families and without.

Oh, my friends, God’s list is endless. In our text for this message, Jesus is warning his disciples and us to watch for certain world conditions which will signify the end times. He stressed the fact that when they are displayed, that is the beginning of sorrows. We will have to wait awhile longer. Saints, prayerfully “hang in there”.

Jacquelyn Simmons