God’s rage at our sinfulness is increasing!!!

By Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

My Dear, Dear, Dear Friends,

This writer is very, very, very grieved at having to give this warning, above all previous warnings, to all of us who are still residents, on this, God’s created earth. Due to strange happenings beginning notably to take place in my life and in the lives of others who shared their astonishments with me, also, in November of last year, 2019, He instructed me to write two articles entitled, “LORD! What is happening to Your gravity?”

Not being a scientist and certainly not being equipped to discuss gravity, I read both articles a few days ago and found to my dismay, I do not understand gravity, presently, any more than when those two articles were penned.

For the last few days, I tried looking up definitions of the term and became more confused than ever, especially after noting the scientific definitions of the word. I will share one of them with you. One of Webster’s definitions of gravity is, “the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.”

In my “growing up” years, some of us were taught that gravity is a God-given force, which keeps people and objects in a downward position, and prevents them from floating uncontrollably in the air or above the earth. For example: Everything which goes up will fall down except objects which have an added force that keeps them suspended above the earth and that force is man-made and not natural. When the added force is removed, the aloft object descends to the earth.

My friends, to my utter dismay and horror, this writer strongly feels that God’s gravity has begun to appear to be going haywire in various places. However, whatever God does is intentional and not haywire.

I began noticing the strange happenings, strange to me, anyway, quite a while ago. My sister, “Dena” and I began to note that when we dropped objects, car keys for example, instead of their falling down to the floor and landing on the floor directly below where they were dropped, we had to search for them because they had appeared after much searching quite a distance from where they had fallen. After this continued to happen, with other dropped or fallen objects, we became quite disturbed as to what appeared to be wrong, very wrong-pass the point of saying something different was occurring.

In the next article, God willing, I will share with you some of the strange gravitational occurrences that have taken place in my life, lately, which to me were frightening!

My friends, God is very, very, very indescribably angry at His sinful world! Pray!! He has repeatedly warned us; but, to no avail. Some of us are adhering to His warnings. We need to pray for them to do so, also. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! We need to pray for our brothers and sisters worldwide, now, to change their gross misbehaviors.

Love you much!
Jacquelyn Simmons