Governor Edwards campaign gets boost thanks to Trump, Caddo Klansmen

When the state Republican Party decided to invite President Donald Trump to come to North Louisiana, it had one objective in mind; it wanted to mobilize disinterested Republicans to support Eddie Rispone for Governor.

The idea of supporting any Republican rather than a moderate Democrat such as John Bel Edwards was the prevailing thought. So President Trump flew into the state and urged Republicans to support either Ralph Abraham or Eddie Rispone; it doesn’t matter which one. The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat, as far as the President is concerned.

North Louisiana has become the key to the Governor’s race because the idea of electing just “any” Republican is not sitting well with many Republicans in North Louisiana who favored Congressman Ralph Abraham.

As Republicans go, Congressman Abraham is loved by North Louisiana, but couldn’t get any traction in South Louisiana. It was clear to most North Louisiana residents that Abraham was their better choice, especially since Rispone’s campaign consisted of dumping on their favorite son and trashing his accomplishments.

Last week, the party brought out Abraham, who pledged support for Rispone. His endorsement was expected, but not enthusiastic, because he couldn’t say with a straight face that Rispone was a better candidate than Edwards.

For a Democrat, Edwards has walked a careful line to appeal to both Republicans and Democrats. He pleases the Democrats when he expands Medicaid to 400,000 residents. He pleases Republicans when he signs a heartbeat abortion law.

For some Republicans, Edwards hasn’t been all that bad. He works with both sides. When they consider the choice of Rispone who not only will work only with Republicans, but mostly with South Louisiana Republicans, John Bel Edwards starts to look better every day.

The fact that Edwards is not a flaming liberal is the reason that Edwards could not electrify his base among Black voters. He worked with both sides, which means there were times, he was against the interest of the poor and Blacks, or at least wouldn’t stand with us.

However, when faced with the reality of Rispone, a Trump Clone, as Governor, many Blacks woke up. Why? Because Rispone promised that on his first day in office, he will completely undo Edwards’ Medicaid expansion, which will hurt 400,000 poor people, both black and white.

Then last week, members of the Ku Klux Klan showed up at early voting precincts in Caddo Parish. By the time those photos and videos were shared thousands of times on social media across the state, Black people started adding: Trump+Rispone+Klan=Trouble for Black People.

It was like a revelation from God. Church vans started rolling. Telephone banks were activated, and Blacks who had not voted early in years started going to the polls all over the state.

Expected to join the crescendo of black support for Edwards will be some silent Republicans who don’t like Edwards’ political party, but know that he is accessible since he works with both sides.

What Edwards couldn’t do Rispone and Trump have accomplished.

Edwards couldn’t motivate Blacks to vote for him because he isn’t a flaming liberal, but thanks to Trump and the Klan, they see the light.

Edwards couldn’t get Republicans to vote for him because they saw even his moderate positions as too liberal, but thanks to Rispone’s empty “God and Trump” campaign, some Republicans see Edwards in a different light.

Edwards hopes enough blacks and crossover Republicans see the light on November 16th to give him four more years.