Black authors on display at Louisiana Book Festival

Several African-Americans were among the presenters and exhibitors at the Louisana Book Festival at the state capitol.

The Louisiana Center for the Book in the State Library was the sponsor of the 16th annual festival, held in downtown Baton Rouge at the State Library of Louisiana, the State Capitol, and the Capitol Park Welcome Center. Thousands of book lovers and writer assembled for the one day event. The festival featured the works of Louisiana and national authors.

Included among the Louisiana authors were many African-American authors from across Louisiana.

Included among the African-American presenters were:

Marian Griffin who shared 13 of her books at the festival including “Cultural Gumbo, Our Roots our Stories.” The book delves into the cultural roots of African-Americans that has influences all over the world. She is the mother of Karen Griffin Phenix in Monroe.

Griffin: Cultural Gumbo,” “You are someone’s hero,”Lettie’s Daughter”

Roosevelt Wright, Jr., of Monroe, shared four of his books at the Festival, including “The Trail of the Panther” an 800 page historic fiction that traces a West African Ahosi warrior over 200 years and five generations of slavery and struggle to arrive a plateau of success. It is the prequel to his first novel “The Children of Panther Burn” a 750 page binge worthy story about the journey of former sharecroppers who escaped the flood of 1927 in Panther Burn, Mississippi, overcoming obstacles to amass a fortune and after enduring misfortune and hardship. Wright’s books are available at and Barnes and Nobles. Festival goers also were attracted to his “1001 Things you need to know about life, but were never taught in school,” a guide to life from age 9 to 90.

“The Trail of the Panther” and “The Children of Panther Burn” by Roosevelt Wright, Jr. traces thr historic journey of a family from West Africa to the citadels of Power in America.

Ellen McKnight of New Orleans who shared her children’s book “The Mistaken Dog Catcher.” The book is about one day in the life of Mr. Mike in the Acme Dog Catching Company.

Ellen McKnight and Mavis McCall

Mavis McCall of New Orleans, shared her book “When a mother Weeps” about a mother’s loss of a child. “It’s about the pain and the prayer involved in going through that experience.” The book is available in Book Stores.

with Lauren Jackson’s book “Purposeful Pain”  is a spiritual growth book to empower people to reach

Jackson’s “Purposeful Pain”

their purpose. The book is available through the Jackson says the book is about breaking generational curses and healing. She is the founder of an organization called “Purposeful Woman” which reaches out to women who have experience pain.

Sanovia Coleman-Nelson featured two of her books, “I owe you me” and “Breathe on Me.” Her books are Faith-based devotionals, autobiography of a survivor, “Teacher and Paraprofessionals, understanding each other’s roles” is a guide for educators and paraprofessionals using “C.P.R.” She is from Acension Parish.

Lacey Odens

Lacey Odems is author of “Conversations with the Heart and Soul.” The book is a collection of poems that are religiously, socially, and politically charged. Odoms exposes social issues and encounters individuals’ experiences around the world to draw us closer.

Louis: Sitting on Jesus Lap

Troy Louis shared his book “Sitting on Jesus Lap.” He says “It’s a book that takes you where you want to go for your time and need and I think Jesus is the key.” The book is available through Amazon or”

Wells-John: “Have you thanked God today?”

Pearline Wells-Johns book is entitled “Have you thanked God today?” The book is in a one day format and she describes it as an easy inspirational read.