Grandmother and Me Black Expo. held

Local service organization Grandmother and Me held its’ first Black Expo-A Cultural Experience. The expo paid homage to African-American excellence from history maker of the past to the present.

Expo features included local performing and visual artists who delivered soul-stirring, cultural dances to power packed messages of spoken word. Grandchildren of the organization, prepared and displayed information of their chosen history maker with display boards and costumes.

This was a delight and highlight of the expo! Invited guest included: Music-Harrison Chase Kyles, Ora Alise Greely and Kaitlyn Kyles Dance-Drama Queenz of Bastrop, LA and True Vine Liturgical Dance Visual Art-Ralph Ellis and Richwood High School Art Class Micah Allen-Wossman High School Frank Kelly-FJK Art Gallery Bernard Menyweather Spoken Word- Jamie Mayes and Larry Bell Ushers-Carroll High School Football Team Guest Appearance- Heaven Britton-Miss Monroe TeenGrandmother and Me would like to thank the community, media and its’ members for helping to make this event a phenomenal success!

Grandmother and Me was founded by Dr. LaVernge Gunn-Ford in Monroe, LA. They provide bonding opportunities for grandmothers and grandchildren ages 3-12 years of age. Follow them on Facebook for updates and events. Want to join us? Contact Elizabeth Ford at 318-680-9229. Be grand! Join Grandmother and Me.