I can’t wait to get a car

By: Cadence Wright

   I am 11 years old and it’s almost time for me to get my own car. There are many things I can do when I have my own vehicle. I’ll be able to drive when I feel like it and listen to my own music instead of listening to my dad’s music.

  I will get a customized license plate with my name on it.

  I think the Bugatti is a cool car. It has butterfly doors. It opens up to the sky and drives very fast on the highway. It is one of the top ten, most exciting cars in the world. It cost a lot of money. I looked it up, it will cost $2.6 million,  but I might get one.

  My daddy once had a Range Rover. I loved that truck. I told him it was mine. It had a lot of space. It had hydraulics. When you pushed a button the truck would rise up and down.

  My cousin, RJ, showed me a Mclaren. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it, too. It is one of the fastest cars in the world because it travels 225 miles an hour.  If I had one I would race in it. I would get a red one.  I will get one so Me and my friend can drive to Miami in it. It will only cost $3.6 million.

Those are some of the cars that I am going to get one day.

 I better start saving my change now. I get $10 for this article; it will take me a few years.