I finally got my own room!

By: Cadence Wright

I have been on Summer vacation since school got out. I stayed with my Nana in Dallas. Then, I stayed with my Granny and Paw Paw in Monroe. When I got back to New Orleans this weekend, my parents had changed the whole house around. My dad moved his office out of the house and that freed up an extra room. So, I got my own room now!

Now that I have my own room I can have my own stuff. I haven’t had my own room since I was born. When my little brother starts getting on my nerves, now I can tell him to get out of my room and go to his own room! It feels good having a whole room instead of just half a room. We had to share everything… the closet, the dresser, the TV, the Xbox… we even had to share the same login on our Netflix account. Now, THAT just ain’t right!

When you get your own room you get to decorate it how you like it. In my room I have one wall with all my snapbacks. My desk is against that same wall. On another wall I have my TV and my bed. The wall that has my hats on it also has posters on it. I have a Lebron James poster, a Marvel poster, and a Flash poster. Even though the air is on, for some reason it gets hot in my room.

So, I have a fan right by my bed and I don’t have to make it spin around because there is nobody else in the room it needs to blow at!

I have control of my own TV and I don’t have to watch for 30 minutes then let my brother watch what he wants to watch for 30 minutes. He has his own TV in his room and I have my own. He and I used to fight over the remote control. I used to just go downstairs and watch TV because he always wanted to keep the remote. Now, we don’t have to fight over the remote anymore because I have my own remote now. We don’t even have to take turns doing our homework on the computer anymore.

In my room, I also have more space. I don’t have to just put my stuff on half the room anymore. I have all the space to myself now. It feels good to have my own clothes in my closet. Our clothes don’t have to get mixed up anymore because we have our own dressers now. My granny and Uncle Kita brought them down here while we were in Dallas. My dad says these are the same dressers he and my uncles used when they were kids. Whoever made these dressers knew what they were doing because they still look brand new after all those years!

My mom hates basketball goals on the doors but my Granny bought us some anyway. Ethan has his own goal on his door and I have my own goal on my door. My mom hates a nasty room but I have been telling her for years, “It’s not me!” Ethan is the one who always messes up the room. Now she will see whose room is the cleanest. We’ve been back home for two days and his room is already junky!

Even though I have my own room, me and my brother still hang out in each other’s rooms throughout the day. My mom and dad fixed it so we would have to still be with each other. So, they put the Xbox in my brother’s room and the computer in my room. He has to come down the hall to mine and I still have to go down the hall to his room throughout the week. If having your own room feels this good I can’t wait ‘til I get my own car!