I know three good fathers!

By: Candence Wright

A good father is needed in every home. A father’s main job is to lead his family. He is supposed to be a good example so his sons can grow up knowing how to take care of their own families when they get big. Fathers are supposed to make sure there is food in the house and make sure the family is safe. I know three men who do all of this very well.

My dad is not only a good father but he is a really good friend. He is a Pastor in New Orleans and he does a lot of cool stuff for kids. He writes poetry, songs, and movies. The only time I really see him mad is when the Saints lose a game. I like the fact that he is confident and he wears cool clothes. He always make me laugh. My dad has two biological sons, Me and Ethan. He also claims a third son, Caleb, because he raised him with his own sons. We have always known Caleb to be our brother since he was born.

My Paw Paw is a Pastor in Monroe. He is also good with kids. Every Summer he takes over 30 kids on a Summer trip and we have a good time. He works with Boy Scouts and Venturers. He is a very good grandfather too. He always comes to my school events and he always gives us gifts and money. He owns the largest newspaper in Louisiana and knows a lot about business. My Paw Paw has three kids but he also has two grandsons and he is actively involved in all our lives.

My Uncle Scooter is really cool. He reminds me of my dad a lot. Sometimes he drives to New Orleans just to hang with me and my brother. He has one kid, Mason, but another one on the way. He is the #1 DJ on the radio in Shreveport and he directs plays too. He is very talented but most of all he is fun!

When I get my family I want to make a lot of money so my family can travel to many places. I like when we go on Family trips. I want to have my own business and respect others. These are three of the greatest fathers I know and what makes them so great is the fact that they were smart enough to marry pretty women!