I need a job that will pay me a lot of money

By: Cadence Wright

It’s hard to make a decision on what to be when you grow up if you’re interested in a lot of different things. So, I made a list. Some of the careers meant a lot to me until I realized they don’t make much money. It’s a shame how these Firemen do all that work and the city won’t pay them enough. I bet if a lot of people’s homes caught on fire they will realize how important the firemen are and pay those people more than that. It’s just a shame.

My first choice is to be a professional basketball player. Right now, I play for my school. I score an average of 12 points a game. I work on my dribble and I work on my jump shot. If I get better, maybe I could play in college and then in the NBA. NBA players make a lot of money and they get to travel to many places.

My mom is a banker. She works for Capital One. I figure it must be fun to work in a bank. You get to count money and help people open accounts.

I am very good at Math so I would probably be a good banker. Some people have savings accounts so they can spend their money later.

If you want to buy a house the bank can give you a loan. Even if you want to buy a car, you can get a loan. Most bankers make $32,000 a year.

I can buy a lot of games for my X-Box with that money.

I always thought the people who build houses were the same people who design the tall buildings when I go to the French Quarters. I found out those people are called Engineers.

They design a lot of stuff. I didn’t even know my Uncle Gerald was an engineer.

He has been one for over 20 years. He designed cars for GM for years and now he works on the roller coasters as one of the Engineers at Disney World. Man, it has to be fun to get to work on the rollercoasters everyday.

One day I’m going to see if my Uncle Gerald will let me come work on the rollercoasters with him. I can do that job right now. I still have a few years to make up my mind but I do know one thing.

There are enough preachers in our family. I love my Paw Paw and my daddy but preaching don’t make enough money for me!