Installation of the American Legion Post 521 Officers

For God and Country! The Installation of Officers for the fiscal year 2018 – 2019 will be held on July 1, 2018 at Post 521, 1211 Powell Ave. We are inviting all members (past & present), all Ladies Auxillaries (near & far), all Sons of the Legion (near and far), all other American Legion Posts, all Veterans, our patrons and friends.

This event will begin at 4pm (1600 hrs.) and Charles Grayson, our District Commander and Post Adjutant will be in charge of the Installation. Those to be installed will be Abraham “Jack” Henderson- Commander, Willie Black-First Vice Commander and Hardy Gunn-Second Vice Commander. After all business has been taken care of we shall dine on a delicious meal prepared by Comrade Chef Fredrick McHenry and his Crew. After which some of you might want to dance, that too has been taken care of in the form of D. J. Fresh plus the MAJOR Band.

We here at Post 521 are still in the business of helping our Children and Youth: some whose Mother or Father may still be in harm’s way, the need for book bags grows higher and higher each year (Glory be to God that other organizations are taking up the banner and donating also), and scholarships when we can. Also we try and send some of our kids to Boy’s State so that they can learn about our government and how it works. So, excuse us if we ask you, Mr. Community Business Person, if we ask you for a donation to send a Boy to Boy’s State. Part of our Legion dues go to help veterans (somebody must help the returning VET) and those left on the Battle Fields a long way from home. Our dues also help with National Security and Americanism.