Is RCC a COVID death trap?

Officers at privately own jail say lives at risk after two die at Richwood Correction Center

Some state legislators are concerned that federal detainees and most staff at Richwood Correctional Center are at extreme risk of contracting COVID-19 and death; they are calling for state and federal investigations of the center.

State Representative Pat Moore said she and other state legislators are concerned about the deaths of two staff members and staff claims of vulnerability to the COVID virus at Richwood Correctional Center.

Two guards, Carl Lenard and Stanton Johnson, died recently after contracting COVID-19 related to exposures at RCC.

The families of both Lenard and Johnson have blamed both deaths on the fact that RCC at one point prevented them from wearing masks as the virus was spreading through the facility.

Moore said contacts have been made with Louisiana’s senators and Rep. Ralph Abraham to investigate claims of some RCC staff members that the health and safety of RCC staff and the surrounding neighborhood are being ignored.

On condition of anonymity, a spokesman of the RCC staff told the Free Press that most RCC staff are in fear of their lives because the profit-oriented private prison has relaxed standards and overworked staff.

The spokesman said most lower-level staff work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, must pro…


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