Johnson to head Transportation Department; others are transferred within school system

Robert Johnson, former principal of Barkdull Faulk Elementary, has been placed in the interim as Transportation Department Manager of the Monroe City School System. He and a list of other employees were approved this week at the recommendation of Superintendent Brent Vidrine.

New appointments of certified personnel:

Taylor Anderson- ELA Teacher, Lee Junior High

Briana Crockett- 2nd Grade Teacher- Berg Jones Elementary

Mary Dean- 4th Grade Teacher- Carver Elementary

Raven Jackson- 1st Grade Teacher- Shelling Elementary

Tanjavette Jackson- English Teacher- Wossman High School

Jericka Jones- Pre-K Teacher- Berg Jones Elementary

Tracy Mack- SPED Teacher- Shelling Elementary

David Rader- History Teacher- Lee Junior High

Sonja Schaffer- 6th Grade Teacher- Berg Jones Elementary

Dezsiray Sullivan- Music Teacher- Wossman High School

Kenya Williams- Counselor- Wossman High School


Change of Location of certified personnel:

Tony Butler, formerly employed at MLK Middle school, will now serve as a teacher at Wossman High School.

Amy Hodges, formerly employed at Berg Jones Elementary, will now serve as a teacher at Cypress Point University Elementary.

Sandra Maddry, formerly employed at MLK Middle School, will now serve as an English teacher at Carroll Junior High.

Rochelle Williams, formerly an IEP Facilitaor, will now serve as Curriculum Specialist a the Media Center.


Six certified teachers resigned: Laurie Auttonberry (Minnie Ruffin), Keywana Baker (Minnie Ruffin), Brian Bass (Neville), Kalee Frierson (Cypress Point), Ashley Long (Clara Hall), and Ray Patterson (Carroll)

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