Kids can be entrepreneurs too

By: Cadence Wright

Most kids like to ask their parents for money. They don’t like to work to earn their own money. My parents don’t like me to ask for money. They say they already give me more than enough. If I want more I need to work for it. They don’t even pay me for chores. They say they shouldn’t have to pay me to wash the plate I ate out of. Only problem is, kids my age can’t work a real job.

That’s when I learned what an entrepreneur was.

An entrepreneur is a person who creates an income for himself. Kids can actually be entrepreneurs.

One job we can do is have a Lemonade Stand. If I made lemonade the price would be $1 per cup. You can sell lemonade in your neighborhood. If you have a church event you can ask your pastor if it would be ok to set up your lemonade table and sell lemonade at the church event. If you ever run out of lemonade you can simply get more lemons and make more lemonade!

Some people mow yards for money. If I mowed yards, the price for the front yard would be $25 and an extra $15 for the back yard. It all depends on the size of your yard. You don’t have to mow 10 houses a day. You can mow two or three houses each day or just do it on the weekends. That would be some good steady money coming in for me.

Many kids watch Youtube all day. Most kids don’t realize how much money you can make on youtube. People like Logan Paul and Jake Paul have millions of followers and they get paid for their videos. Kids can make a youtube channel. After a while you can get paid for your channel. You don’t have to do a daily vlog. You can do it once a week or every other day until you build up your following.

Entrepreneurs will help the community grow too. The more people working, the more money people have to spend in the community. There is no reason why kids should be lazy. Most kids just play video games all day. We should stop playing Fortnite so much and create something. If kids could create their own business, then when they want something they don’t have to beg their parents for it. They worked for it and they can get it for themselves.