Dear Father! Please select husbands and wives for our children!! Part 2

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Dear Heavenly Father,

In last week’s article, this child of yours pleaded with you to select husbands and wives for our children. In my case, as you already know, both of my marriages were totally disastrous with the latter being the worst. This writer strongly feels that had you been seriously consulted by me before either marriage, neither one would have taken place. This is why, even though our children may not take the time from “plucking” on cell phones to ask you to please choose mates for them, this child of yours is asking will you please accept my prayers in proxy on their behalf?

Lord, you have taught us that on judgement day, every one of us has to answer to you concerning our sins committed in our flesh during our tenure here on earth. However, we are praying for our children because many of us are living on the prayers of our parents and others who cared enough to pray for us.

Now-a-days, many young men have sooooo many children by different women until Father’s Day has become a very complicated and painful situation for some mothers and their children.
Some “daddys” do care enough for some of their children to visit them periodically and on Father’s Day. Some “dads” have so many children scattered in various households until they could act like some of the cowboys during wild-west days who carved a niche in their gun belts to indicate the number of men they have murdered.

They may indicate their number of children by numbered imprints on their t-shirts or some other gross indications. This writer can think of other gross indicators, but they may be used to falsely accuse innocent men who are diligently trying to do the right things for their children. Many children out there do not know who their “dads” are and may be in danger of marrying a relative as one young man related to me several years ago.

Some of the men of today should be ashamed to record the number of children they have sired, deserted, and allowed to be exposed to whatever “wolf” comes by seeking food and shelter and whatever “delicacies” go with them. Some of them prey on lonely women who have low self-esteems and do not care who is in the rearing position of their children, as long as their “needs are met”.

Situations like those described above may result in very rebellious children who may be trying to find solace in the world’s offferings. Some of the predators (wolves) are chosen by lonely women through cell phones, tablets, computers, and so-called “telephone friendships” not knowing who they really are until they find out too late the so-called lambs are really wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Lord, please have mercy on our children and us. See you later, my friends!

Love, Jacquelyn Simmons

P.S. Read Micah 2:1-11 and Isaiah 3:1- 4 and request the holy spirit’s interpretation. Pray for holy spirit interpretation.

P.S. P.S. My friends, did you know that whoever mistreats or treats kindly God’s people, they are persecuting or treating kindly, his son, Jesus Christ? He feels it just as we do (Matthew 25:35-40). Pray for Jesus’ persecutors . God is moved with the feeling of our infirmities, also (Hebrews 4:15).