Kids should read more than we play games

By: Cadence Wright

Most kids don’t like to read. I can honestly say I was one of them. Even though I don’t like reading a lot I am starting to understand why reading is important. Most kids play on their phones all day. We love games like Fortnite, 2K18, Madden, and Call of Duty. Even though these games are fun we still need to read sometimes. I have started reading and collecting comic books.

Reading opens your mind to new things. It can help you think of what you want to be when you grow up. If you read the newspaper you can keep up with things going on in the world and you can also read the Jobs page to find a job. If you open your mind you may be able to come up with a new invention and create your own job.

Reading also opens your imagination. Reading helps you learn to describe and express yourself better. One story may say someone ran up a hill on a sunny day. Another book may describe how nice the blue pool was on that hot Summer Day. Reading gives you a chance to describe the day how you saw it in your mind as you read it.

People who draw have a good imagination. I can’t draw at all. When you read things you can imagine what you read. Then, you see the picture in your mind before you even draw it.

Reading will also grow your vocabulary. If you don’t know what a word means you can look it up and learn what it means. When you know more words you can speak to people with better knowledge of what you’re trying to say. It’s ok to play games but we have to read more.

All good careers require you to read. If you want to play in the NBA or the NFL you have to read the contract. If you want to work for the government you will have to read law books. If you want to work on the news you have to read the news stories. The more you read the better chance you have to be successful. Even if you just want to sit on the couch all day and not work you need to be able to read the light bill so you will know what day they are coming to cut your lights off since you were too lazy to work and pay the bill.