Our Father! Please select husbands and wives for our children!!

By: Dr. Jacquelyn Simmons

Dear Heavenly Father, it is with great reverence, respect, and gratitude to You for all Your blessings that one of your servants (me) is beseeching and entreating You to please select husbands and wives for our children. Only You know the hearts and intents of each of us, Your created children.

Marriages sanctioned by You, no one can put asunder (Matthew 19:6).Throughout Your created ages, beginning with Adam and Eve, Your first husband and wife, You sanctioned and ordained marriage between males and females. From that time frame onward to Your present moments, none of Your laws have changed – present, past, or future (Malachi 6a).

One of the first marriages in early history occurred when Abraham sent his trusted servant to his (Abraham’s) homeland to bring a wife Rebecca, for his son, Isaac (Genesis 24). During my earlier years of life, ideas concerning marriage appeared to be more serious than they are today. During those days, if a man impregnated an unmarried woman and chose not to marry her, her father or other male members of her family forced their marriage in order to be sure that he assumed full responsibility for her and their child. This type of marriage was called a “shotgun wedding”. This writer does not have any statistics as to whether any of those marriages were “deemed” successful or failures.

Sometimes, male members of the wife’s family monitoref the marital behaviors of their husbands. For example: due to the fact that my mother and “Daddy” lived in Denver, Colorado (where this writer spent many of my childhood and early adult years), my grandfather, who lived here in Monroe, Louisiana, monitored my marriage, especially during my days of pregnancy. He deliberately formed the habit of calling our home to ask my husband to pick him up during late evenings, after they both were off from work. Now, “Papa” did not need to depend on him for a ride home, even though he didn’t own a car nor could he drive it had he owned one.

Finally, after inquiring several evenings as to whether he was available for his ride home and he was not at home, he told me to inform him that if he made another call for a ride home and he was not here he was going to find him and make sure he answered him from that day forward. Well, my friends, he was present to answer quite a while after that—especially, during the rest of my pregnancy and delivery (smile). However, our marriage lasted only 10 years and 5 months. Eventually, he demanded a divorce and married the young lady he had fallen in love with.

Together they had one child, afterwards, divorced and are both deceased. However, this writer did not seriously inquire of God before the marriage and…

Have a blessed day, my friends.
Love you much!

Jacquelyn Simmons

P. S. Do not forget to read Isaiah 3:1- 4 and request the Holy Spirit’s interpretation.

P.S. P.S. My friends, did you know that whoever mistreats or treats kindly God’s people, they are persecuting or treating kindly, His Son, Jesus Christ? He feels it just as we do (Matthew 25:35-40). Pray for Jesus’ persecutors . God is moved with the feeling of our infirmities, also (Hebrews 4:15).