Local Poets bare souls in Open Mic event

 Seven local poets took the stage Sunday night to tell the world what’s inside of them!

     They were a part of the first “Open Night at the Tab-A-Torium” held at the Fabulous Tab-A-Torium, it was a night of poetry and inspirational Spoken Word. 
     Brian Reed, an associate minister of the New Tabernacle Baptist Church, introduced the artists as men and women with a unique gift of poetry and words that reveal their souls.

    Those making presentations included:
   Ibra January, III (AKA Random Straight) who doubled as a presenter and Master of Ceremonies. His rendition of “The Sky is Falling” made the audience think as his Spoken Word challenged them to a new reality. Straight Face is an Army veteran who has been writing off and on for about a decade, but just started taking it seriously in the past few years with the intent of developing it as a ministry tool to reach creative personalities.

 Marlin Robinson is a 16 yr old,


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